If you have connected your accounting software successfully but aren't seeing the invoices you would expect to see in Nimbla, there are several possible reasons for this.

Are they paid already?

We don't display any fully paid invoices in Nimbla because you wouldn't need to insure those. We don't show any that are classed as 'void' in your accounting software either.

Are they draft invoices?

We don't display draft invoices in Nimbla because they must be issued to your customer before we can insure them.

Are the dates correct?

As long as they aren't paid or draft, we will show all invoices — no matter what the issue dates or due dates are. However, the list of invoices is sorted by issue date and the most recent ones are at the top. If you believe the invoices are current but you still don't see them, please check the date on them in your accounting software, perhaps they have the wrong year on them.

Were they very recently updated?

If you only recently added or updated an invoice in your accounting software, it may not have been sent to Nimbla yet. Changes can take up to an hour to reach Nimbla.

Have you recently integrated with Nimbla?

It can take up to an hour for the invoices to reach Nimbla after you sync up your accounting software. 

Still can't see them?

Please use the chat, call 020 3984 8833 or email [email protected] to contact our support team.

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