Syncing your cloud accounting software makes insuring invoices that much easier. Once you are synced up, the Nimbla dashboard will automatically display new invoices you created on your accounting software, display quotations for insurable invoices, and close your insurance policies as invoices are marked as paid. 

To begin, sign into your Nimbla dashboard and click 'Connect account' on the top left hand corner of the page. 

From there, follow the steps to authenticate your accounting software. We have lots of handy articles to walk you through the process step by step.

It can take up to an hour for your invoices to sync up for the first time. So sign out and grab a cup of tea - when you're back, you'll see all your invoices in one place. 

The insurable invoices will have quotations next to them - as well as a 'Invoice Risk' to help you make informed decisions. 

The non insurable invoices will have provide a handy message to explain why, but you can always get in touch with our team to find out more if things aren't clear. 

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