The main benefits of syncing your accounting software with Nimbla are: 

Saving on administration time: 

Why double your work? Instead of manually inputting and updating your invoices onto your dashboard, Nimbla will automatically pull the information straight from your accounting software as you input new invoices and close them up as you mark them as paid. 

Not only that, but keeping your accounts up to date will ensure that you always get the best premium. So not only will you be saving time, but money as well.

Better insight and risk assessments:

We appreciate that the professional relationship with the client can make a difference on how the company's payment behaviour. 

Nimbla will automatically tally the information we have available on your debtor against the information you hold on your accounts - taking into account not only public records, our insurer's data but your own relationship with the company - so that you get the most accurate and well rounded risk information on your dashboard. 

In Summary:
🕑 New invoices added automatically
🕑 Invoices marked as paid automatically
🎉 Dashboard stays up to date
💰 Enjoy better premium rates
💕 Better insights on your customer

Your data is used on a 'read only' basis for your personal Nimbla dashboard and risk assessment only, and you can disconnect your accounting software anytime you'd like. 

To integrate now, go to: 

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